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Camp Charlie Temporarily Evicted

April 9, 2012

Update: Camp Charlie was re-occupied a day after its temporary eviction. Join us anytime, we’ll be here through April 14!

Just hours after Occupy MBTA testified before the Joint Committee on Transportation, Camp Charlie, the 10-day occupation of the State House steps, was temporarily evicted by federal authorities.  Massachusetts State Police officers told the protesters that the Secret Service had taken jurisdiction of the State House and surrounding area ahead of a visit from the President of Brazil.  The protesters, who had been occupying the State House steps since April 4 to protest MassDOT’s most recent round of fare hikes, service cuts, and layoffs, and to demand a comprehensive, sustainable, and affordable public transportation plan for the 99% of Massachusetts, were given only an hour’s notice to vacate.   With little time to mount a defense, the occupiers at Camp Charlie had no choice but to put their supplies in storage for the night and clear the encampment, though the Commonwealth did provide trucks for the occupiers’ use.

After the camp had been cleared, protesters moved across the street, where they read the First Amendment using the People’s Mic.  Police then announced that the sidewalk across the street from the State House was also put under Secret Service jurisdiction, and they were told to disperse.  Occupiers chanted “Long Live Camp Charlie!” and vowed to return tomorrow.

Watch the video:

More video of the eviction here.


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